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Introducing a new way to manage your money. Boost your credit, build wealth, and empower women with every purchase.1 Earn respect with the no enrollment fee Respect Bank Account.
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Spend Smart

We all want to spend smart. It’s easier with Respect.

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Set up direct deposit and make domestic purchases at no cost with the Respect Debit Mastercard®.

Use your Respect Debit Card everywhere that Debit Mastercard is accepted. No fees to enroll, direct deposit, move money from a linked bank account, or pay bills. Deposit funds from approved checks with Ingo™ Money or conveniently load cash at major retailers like 7-Eleven, CVS, Family Dollar, Dollar General and Rite Aid.2 Manage recurring expenses and share money with other Respect account holders at no cost. It’s all managed easily in the Respect Account mobile app.

How it works

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Download the Respect Account app to sign up and order your card.

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Set up and manage your bank account in the app. It’s easy.

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Enjoy the benefits of earning respect with every purchase.

Spend Smart

Boost your credit score every month.

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Pay rent, have it reported to the credit bureaus, and track your Equifax VantageScore performance at no cost.3

Do you rent? Don’t miss out on the opportunity to build or repair your credit score from your largest and most important monthly expense.4 Most landlords don’t report rent payments to the credit bureaus, but Respect Account owners can opt in to the no-cost Respect Rental Payment Reporting program and have their electronic rental payments reported to Equifax and TransUnion.

Spend Smart

Get your money working for you.

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Whether your goal is prime credit, homeownership, or entrepreneurship, this account is for you.

Respect Account owners earn a Mobility Score for participating in financial education activities.5 Each level unlocks access to a Respect Wealth Coaching Session from our team and service partners where you’ll learn about money management, credit building, and homeownership.6 Whatever your goal, the tools you need are at your fingertips when you have Respect.

How it works

Download the Respect app to sign up and order your card.
Set up and manage your card from within the app. It’s easy.
Enjoy the benefits of earning respect with every purchase.

Empowering women with every purchase.

A portion of the merchant interchange fees will go to organizations dedicated to the empowerment of women. So when you use the Respect Debit Card, you will be supporting investments in financial education, workforce development, violence prevention, quality, affordable child care, and more. It’s a win-win where everyone gets the respect they deserve – and at no expense to you as the account holder.

Get the Respect Bank Account

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